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"You don't need hair to satisfy every woman you've ever met"

Alright, I might as well get this down before I forget it. Burning Airlines. Friday in Pomona. Fucking awesome. Second best performance I've ever seen. Second only because of Radiohead. Apparently Ben Pape is now a permanent member of the band as 2nd guitar. Talked to J. he seemed really cool. On stage he has the coolest persona ever, second to no one. Songs were awesome, I'm surprised 3 Sisters sounded that good live but it did. J. has the coolest hand motions, it seems he was born for the stage. Peter Moffett is super cool, despite being a happy looking pirate. He had some fun facial expressions. By means of amount and quality of equipment to enjoyment, they're definately the best live band I've ever seen. Every fan should see them. Just an overall awesome show.
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